Summertime sure is fun. There’s no better way to really enjoy the summer than showing off your beach body and hitting the sandy beaches. While surfing and getting your tan may give you the Pros and no matter how terrific the summer may be, there still lie a few cons which many seem to get people agitated. Getting your comfort becomes a chore, occasional travelling can be sweat soaked and sleepless nights due to the constant fanning and pillow turning. Here’s a list of ways that can help you beat the heat and remain chilled even if the sun is blazing at your door step.

Aloe Vera ice cubes

You are sure to be struck by sun burn at least one time during the summer period. Pick your favorite aloe Vera bottle of your choice and fill your ice cube tray. Remove and use whenever you need to sooth your sun burnt skin.

Cool pillow case and sheets

This is sure to cool you off during those sweat soaked nights. Take your pillow and sheets and place it inside a sealed bag and cool it off by placing it in a freezer for few minutes. Be surprised at how cool it will make you feel. To get an even more intimate cool of, try placing some of your innerwear for a better cooling effect. But don’t forget to place it in a sealed bag before you pop it in your freezer.

Cool it and enjoy

For those unbearable days when you just can’t stand the heat, you could contact one of the appliances rental companies and rent an air conditioner. Make it as easier since you can hand it over once you’re done using.

Many people rent an air conditioner and don’t mind spending cash on days where they simply cannot stand the heat.

Cover your blinds

Draw your blinds down and restricted the amount of sunshine creeping into your home. If you have any dark furniture in your home, make sure you cover them with a light colored sheet to minimize it from emitting extra. It would be better if you could invest in a few dark colored curtains as it will tend to blackout the sun shine by not letting it seep through, unlike sheer curtains.

Use dryer sheets

There’s nothing like the drip of sweat when you’re super soaked during the summer days. Put your dryer sheets into use by placing them inside your shoes and air conditioner vents or even clip them to your fan to soak up excess moisture.